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package org.junit.internal.requests;

import org.junit.internal.runners.ErrorReportingRunner;
import org.junit.runner.Request;
import org.junit.runner.Runner;
import org.junit.runner.manipulation.Filter;
import org.junit.runner.manipulation.NoTestsRemainException;

 * A filtered {@link Request}.
public final class FilterRequest extends Request {
    private final Request request;
     * We have to use the f prefix, because IntelliJ's JUnit4IdeaTestRunner uses
     * reflection to access this field. See
    private final Filter fFilter;

     * Creates a filtered Request
     * @param request a {@link Request} describing your Tests
     * @param filter {@link Filter} to apply to the Tests described in
     * request
    public FilterRequest(Request request, Filter filter) {
        this.request = request;
        this.fFilter = filter;

    public Runner getRunner() {
        try {
            Runner runner = request.getRunner();
            return runner;
        } catch (NoTestsRemainException e) {
            return new ErrorReportingRunner(Filter.class, new Exception(String
                    .format("No tests found matching %s from %s", fFilter
                            .describe(), request.toString())));

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