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        # Copyright (c) 2008-2012 Simplistix Ltd
# This Software is released under the MIT License:
# See license.txt for more details.

class NamedStyle:
    An object with ``name`` and ``xf`` attributes representing
    a particular style in a workbook.
    def __init__(self,name,xf): = name
        self.xf = xf
class Styles:
    A mapping-like object that will return a :class:`NamedStyle`
    instance for the cell passed to the :meth:`__getitem__`
    def __init__(self, book):
        xfi_to_name = {}
        for name, info in book.style_name_map.items():
            built_in, xfi = info
            # allow multiple 
            assert xfi not in xfi_to_name or not xfi_to_name[xfi]
            xfi_to_name[xfi] = name
        self.cell_styles = {}
        for xfi in xrange(len(book.xf_list)):
            xf = book.xf_list[xfi]
            if xf.is_style:
            stylexfi = xf.parent_style_index
            assert stylexfi != 4095 # i.e. 0xFFF
            self.cell_styles[xfi] = NamedStyle(
    def __getitem__(self,cell):
        return self.cell_styles[cell.xf_index]

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