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Source code of the class part of aspectjweaver version 1.8.9

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        /* *******************************************************************
 * Copyright (c) 2004 IBM
 * All rights reserved. 
 * This program and the accompanying materials are made available 
 * under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0 
 * which accompanies this distribution and is available at 
 * Contributors: 
 *     Andy Clement -     initial implementation {date}
 * ******************************************************************/
package org.aspectj.apache.bcel.classfile.annotation;

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;

import org.aspectj.apache.bcel.classfile.Attribute;
import org.aspectj.apache.bcel.classfile.ConstantPool;

public abstract class RuntimeParamAnnos extends Attribute {
	private List parameterAnnotations;
	private boolean visible;

	// Keep just a byte stream of the data until someone actually asks for it
	private boolean inflated = false;
	private byte[] annotation_data;

	public RuntimeParamAnnos(byte attrid, boolean visible,
            int nameIdx, int len, ConstantPool cpool) {
		this.visible = visible; 
		parameterAnnotations = new ArrayList();
	public RuntimeParamAnnos(byte attrid,boolean visible,int nameIdx,int len,byte[] data,ConstantPool cpool) {
		this.visible = visible;
		parameterAnnotations = new ArrayList();
		annotation_data = data;
	public final void dump(DataOutputStream dos) throws IOException {

	public Attribute copy(ConstantPool constant_pool) {
	  	throw new RuntimeException("Not implemented yet!");
	/** Return a list of Annotation[] - each list entry contains the annotations for one parameter */
	public List /*Annotation[]*/ getParameterAnnotations() {
		if (!inflated) inflate();
		return parameterAnnotations;
	public AnnotationGen[] getAnnotationsOnParameter(int parameterIndex) {
		if (!inflated) inflate();
		// This may happen.  In a ctor for a non static inner type the compiler
		// may have added an extra parameter to the generated ctor (the parameter
		// contains the instance of the outer class) - in this case
		// it may appear that there are more parameters than there are entries
		// in the parameter annotations array
		if (parameterIndex>=parameterAnnotations.size()) {
			return AnnotationGen.NO_ANNOTATIONS;
		return parameterAnnotations.get(parameterIndex);
	public boolean areVisible() {
		return visible;

	protected void readParameterAnnotations(DataInputStream dis,ConstantPool cpool) throws IOException {
		annotation_data = new byte[length];

	private void inflate() {
		try {
			DataInputStream dis = new DataInputStream(new ByteArrayInputStream(annotation_data));
			int numParameters = dis.readUnsignedByte();
			if (numParameters > 0) {
				List inflatedParameterAnnotations = new ArrayList();
				for (int i=0; i

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