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Why you should use this tool?
Download JAR files is sometimes annoying if there are many dependencies. Of course you can use a build tool like maven or gradle, but sometimes it is too much effort to set up a maven project. I have searched very often for a tool to download JAR files inclusive their dependencies but without the hassle of setting up a maven oder gradle build project. Fortunately I have never found a solution for this. Now I have developed my own one.
In which situation you should not use this tool?
If you have a very very big project, than use a build tool like Maven. But for small projects this is a very good solution for downloading JARs.
What should I do if I want to download multiple JAR files with multiple dependencies?
It is possible to add multiple dependencies into the textarea. After this you will get a zip file which contains at least the inserted JAR files and if it is needed their dependencies.
Is it possible to download the JARs with their dependencies without inserting the Maven XML?
If a user has inserted the Maven XML before, you will find a download link in the section "Latest downloads".

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