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xapi from group com.xdev-software (version 6.0.1)

XDEV Application Framework

Group: com.xdev-software Artifact: xapi
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Artifact xapi
Group com.xdev-software
Version 6.0.1
Last update 04. February 2022
Organization XDEV Software
License GNU Lesser General Public License version 3
Dependencies amount 1
Dependencies javax.annotation-api,
There are maybe transitive dependencies!

xapi from group net.wetheinter (version 0.5)

XApi is a dependency injection, service-oriented, polyglot java framework. It is comprised of standalone modules for use in web, desktop and mobile java applications. This codebase enables complete reuse of all code across your java stack, as well as the ability to easily define your own Platform, so you can build your own customized runtime environment to extend or replace existing platforms. It is currently geared towards servlets and gwt clients, but the target we are currently developing include: java, gwt [webkit, firefox, ie], javafx, playn [android, ios, flash], appengine & vert.x For Google Web Toolkit, we also include reflection support, more complete emulation of java.lang.Class, zero-overhead dependency injection, a range of code generation utilities, and even "magic-method injection" (for production compiles any method in the app can be swapped out with others based on configuration properties, or any AST mangling / code generating methods you wish to write). There is also a bytecode transformer in the works which will replace calls into the DI utility with direct references to static final factories, to allow the java compiler to completely erase all injection overhead in all java runtimes.

Group: net.wetheinter Artifact: xapi
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Artifact xapi
Group net.wetheinter
Version 0.5
Last update 30. May 2015
Organization The Internet Party
License The Apache Software License, Version 2.0
Dependencies amount 0
Dependencies No dependencies
There are maybe transitive dependencies!

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