[...] org.apache.maven.plugins maven-surefire-plugin 2.18 some/other/directory ${project.build.directory} [...] [...] ``` For SBT: ```scala fork in Test := true, javaOptions in Test := Seq("-Dpact.rootDir=some/other/directory") ``` # Publishing your pact files to a pact broker If you use Gradle, you can use the [pact Gradle plugin](https://github.com/DiUS/pact-jvm/tree/master/pact-jvm-provider-gradle#publishing-pact-files-to-a-pact-broker) to publish your pact files. # Pact Specification V3 Version 3 of the pact specification changes the format of pact files in the following ways: * Query parameters are stored in a map form and are un-encoded (see [#66](https://github.com/DiUS/pact-jvm/issues/66) and [#97](https://github.com/DiUS/pact-jvm/issues/97) for information on what this can cause). * Introduces a new message pact format for testing interactions via a message queue. ## Generating V3 spec pact files (3.1.0+, 2.3.0+) To have your consumer tests generate V3 format pacts, you can set the specification version to V3. If you're using the `ConsumerPactTest` base class, you can override the `getSpecificationVersion` method. For example: ```java @Override protected PactSpecVersion getSpecificationVersion() { return PactSpecVersion.V3; } ``` If you are using the `PactProviderRule`, you can pass the version into the constructor for the rule. ```java @Rule public PactProviderRule mockTestProvider = new PactProviderRule("test_provider", PactSpecVersion.V3, this); ``` ## Consumer test for a message consumer For testing a consumer of messages from a message queue, the `MessagePactProviderRule` rule class works in much the same way as the `PactProviderRule` class for Request-Response interactions, but will generate a V3 format message pact file. For an example, look at [ExampleMessageConsumerTest](https://github.com/DiUS/pact-jvm/blob/master/pact-jvm-consumer-junit%2Fsrc%2Ftest%2Fjava%2Fau%2Fcom%2Fdius%2Fpact%2Fconsumer%2Fv3%2FExampleMessageConsumerTest.java) ✓ Download JAR pact-jvm-consumer-junit_2.10 2.4.10 ✓ With dependencies ✓ Source of pact-jvm-consumer-junit_2.10 ☄ One click! ☄" />
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Artifact pact-jvm-consumer-junit_2.10
Group au.com.dius
Version 2.4.10
Last update 17. June 2016
Newest version No
Tags: need insecurehttpsrequest using maven tend supports untrusted time thanks something stringvalue pactdslwithprovider 2015 number consumerclient header project each array spec runtimeexception before debug handling pactproviderhttpstest leave providername times write left 8443 ensure classes look define integer needs introduces stringmatcher represent testrun ports starts what ioexception base library closearray testing construct configuration public methods expression body client root arraylike apache pactfragment 2fcom same consumer willrespondwith localhost unfilteredmockprovider basic description optional timestamps getspecificationversion assertequals hostname haspactwith dpact double much items override maximum rootdir against doing containing minarraylike example does matchers arrayminlike basedir response throw following name fragment testreqheadervalue precision 2fau 8080 hexvalue responsetest annotate hello message 2fdius never which take java github pacts arrays they simplifies ipaddress insecure longs given junit_2 verified empty only import groupid pact_verified central mockprovider pacterror formatted regex responses include builddir 2fsrc http verification mockproviderconfig them then recorded will yyyy bodies incoming bigger examplejavaconsumerpacttest most build followed tests listen "null" note files verificationresult void true master hexcode item method headers 2fpact apply integers cause second location sometimes testpact where type providerclient level more when request value required test_consumer returning lots appropriate extends here systempropertyvariables expressions integertype matching surefire issues gradle createdefault this util test_provider from localaddress scala artifactid smaller real paths allows pactframent path pactdsljsonarray exmaple receive constructor building extend consumerpacttest your into list generating mismatched ints know pass booleantype convenient closeobject implementation matchpath also step dius changes found 2ftest received plugin matches providers consumername receives boolean defined static mocktestprovider builder __version systemproperties warmuuh available system defines hexadecimal uuid specify examples ways fails pactproviderrule minimum states logged date running messages dslpart timestamp numbers happy written depending publish debugging https works artifact pattern string assert annotations runs slf4j publishing queue harry both provide requiring must amount values maxarraylike parameters connections 2fv3 cleareddate 2fexamplemessageconsumertest size that failure generated than case identifier result model generate catch strings well arraymaxlike json pactdsljsonbody four multiple interactions 2fjava functions regular fluent provides provider junit expecting builddirectory pacttest changing usage actual provided server certain tofragment test accept mechanism annotation certificate 1234567890 tree pactspecversion file describe config false expectations 2fconsumer information fork groovy form equals random interaction like create many start uuids language some port might plugins query self ensuring pactmultiprovidertest version dates want pactconfig just consumerpactbuilder failures arrayeachlike post mock cases signed pactdsljsonrootvalue return stored should overwritten point runtest directory broker decimaltype users transaction overridden eachlike enable used function dependency requests tools testreqheader examplejavaconsumerpactruletest returns directly work status messagepactproviderrule class logging property format booleans 1234 parsed pact default instanceof floating match getsomething examplemessageconsumertest other javaoptions have expectedresponse uponreceiving state encoded numbervalue another protected parameter equality setup rule with booleanvalue error pactverification runconsumer matchheader tasks decimal blob createfragment versions numbertype address context instead target specification hashmap started group user stringtype first clients
Organization not specified
URL https://github.com/DiUS/pact-jvm
License Apache 2
Dependencies amount 8
Dependencies scala-library, junit, pact-jvm-consumer_2.10, json, scala-compiler, guava, commons-lang3, slf4j-api,
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