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elk-ore from group au.csiro (version 0.5.0)

Group: au.csiro Artifact: elk-ore
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GameAIArena from group (version 1.7.2)

Game AI Arena(GAIA) is a framework which provides common architecture, design and code for competition system through AI programming on game software.

Group: Artifact: GameAIArena
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Artifact GameAIArena
Version 1.7.2
Last update 15. November 2013
Newest version Yes
Organization National Institute of Informatics
License The Apache Software License, Version 2.0
Dependencies amount 3
Dependencies guava, commons-lang, de.huxhorn.sulky.3rdparty.jlayer,
There are maybe transitive dependencies!

GameAIArena from group (version 1.4.4)

Group: Artifact: GameAIArena
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cleanup from group com.itextpdf (version 2.0.6)

Redact PDF documents. If you have to share PDFs with different departments or send them out of house, but they include some confidential, sensitive information which should not be shared, pdfSweep is your solution. Redact a PDF containing sensitive, confidential information, such as personal medical information, account numbers, national identification numbers, personal details or social security numbers in a reliable and secure way. Data redaction with pdfSweep removes such data including any underlying information, making it impossible for such information to be recovered. With pdfSweep you can also redact drawings or parts of drawings you do not want your competition to see. PDF Data redaction with pdfSweep gives you the piece of mind that your companies confidential information remains just that, confidential.

Group: com.itextpdf Artifact: cleanup
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Artifact cleanup
Group com.itextpdf
Version 2.0.6
Last update 06. April 2021
Newest version Yes
Organization not specified
License not specified
Dependencies amount 4
Dependencies io, kernel, layout, commons-imaging,
There are maybe transitive dependencies!

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